Concrete repair using two-stage concrete method





Journal title

Materiały budowlane


Hakim S. Abdelgader


66 - 68


During the last decades the concrete industry has widely developed inmany directions, e.g. improving themethods of pouring concrete in order to achieve high quality concrete and low cost. Two-stage concrete (TSC) is produced by placing coarse aggregate in a form and injecting a cement-sand grout in order to fill the voids between aggregate particles. For economic and technical reasons two-stage concrete is particularly used for construction and repair of massive structures, especially foundations, underwater constructions, and all kinds of construction with closely spaced reinforcement. The paper presents implementations of the two-stage technology in repair works, formulae and guidelines to assess the concretemechanical parameters,e.g. modulus of elasticity, tensile strength and drying shrinkage. It was found that themodulus of elasticity and splitting tensile strength of two-stage concrete are equivalent or higher than the parameters of conventional concrete of the same compressive strength.

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