Agile Project Management Approaches: A Case Study with Respect to Their Application in Finance Technology Projects





Journal title

Journal of Pure & Applied Sciences


Vol. 4 No. 21


Hatim Abu Irtaymah
Hala Shaari
Nuredin Ahmed


The strategy of Financial Services in Libyan pioneer companies has begun to achieve a transformation from providing ordinary services to electronic services through financial services technologies, which necessitates the qualification of employees in Libyan software companies. To facilitate this, recent agile software agile project management strategies and their possible advantages, disadvantages, and possible limitations will be discussed. In the context of improving software development for changing work conditions or requirements, he current state of agile project management (APM) will be studied and enhancement with best APM practices will be implemented within Masarat IT & Financial Services, a pioneer Libyan company. Our findings demonstrate that the application of agile project management best practices has a positive impact on project success. The benefits of agility were immediately apparent, and the advantages of adopting APM methodologies were a crucial factor in successfully completing the project.

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