Design, Modeling and implementation of Smart grid using PROTEUS and Arduino




Conference paper

Conference title

2021 IEEE 1st International Maghreb Meeting of the Conference on Sciences and Techniques of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering MI-STA


Vol. 0 No. 1


Nuredin Ali Salem Ahmed
Hala Shaari
Adel Saad Emhemmed


623 - 627


Electricity is one of the fundamental necessities of human beings, which has many uses in our day to day life. It is used for different purposes like domestic, industrial and agricultural. The biggest challenge facing electricity distribution is data collection and meter reading. Right now, meter reading is collected manually which give scope for corruption and human error in reading, moreover the wastage of manpower and resources of utility. Prepaid Energy Meter has been implemented in several countries. In fact, the disadvantage of the system is the behavioral control of the users. Moreover, recharging should be carried out on the meter. The problem occurs when consumers leave their premises and electrical pulses are discharged. That's why we need a system to control the electrical pulse wherever they are. In this work, a prepaid energy meter was proposed, implemented and simulated using PROTEUS software. The system was designed using ATmega128 as a microcontroller and GSM technology is advancement over conventional energy meter, which enables consumer to effectively manage their electricity usage. Additionally, it evaluates the accuracy of voltage and current measured by means of this model. Our Suggested model of the prepaid power meter produces the lowest error compared to actual voltage and current. The proposed system replaces traditional meter reading methods and enables remote monitor and control the meter readings regularly not manually. Also, it alerts the consumer when the energy consumption exceeds above the set limit and alerts the utility company if there is any theft that might be happened.

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