Effect of national crisis on mental health and academic performance of pharmacy students at Attahadi University





Journal title

Mediterranean Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences




Abstract: Among the consequences of armed conflict, the effect on the mental health of the civilian population is one of the most significant aspect of psychiatric disorders. Studies of the general population show a positive increase in the incidence and prevalence of mental disorders. This study is aimed to determine the relationship of the national crisis on the mental health conditions of university students and their academic performance. Specifically, this study was aimed to evaluate the national crisis effects on the mental health and the academic performance as well as the association of the national crisis, mental health and academic performance. 40 sample size of pharmacy students at the academic year 2019-2020 at Attahadi University, Tripoli, Libya were used in this study and a survey of validated questionare for mental health was considered. The findings revealed that the effects of national crisis on the mental health of the students disclosed the verbal interpretation of rarely grade. Indeed it can be found that mental health of the students was not of greatly affected in this sample. The academic performance of the students disclosed that academic year levels one and three have verbal interpretation of good and academic year level two has fair. Though the academic performance of the students did not show a verbal interpretation of weak or very weak. It is still worthwhile to note that none of them has reached the very good and the excellent performance. It can be concluded that a need for the students coping strategies be enhanced for them to reach their maximum potential with their academic performance. This study shows also that a weak positive relationship among the variables. Though it’s not that high, indeed, the mental health of the students can be a predictor to their academic performance.