Combining GIS and remote sensing technology by synergic integration in geological mapping in southeast Libya




Conference paper

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Conference: Synthesis 2015


Abubaker Ahmed Abubaker Ezabti
Verka Jovanović Singidunum University


Abstract. The production of digital maps using integrated systems of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing techniques with geospatial databases is necessarily done in any kind of digital or topographic mapping and in most mapping projects. The use of remote sensing (RS) and radar images to produce geological maps is seen as making it possible to reveal those elements of geological features from images which should be reflected in the geo-spatial databases and digital maps. This study presents a way to incorporate digital data handling with both GIS and remote sensing techniques combined with geospatial databases and thus contribute to filling the gap between traditional geological mapping and modern geological studies performed with GIS and remote sensing techniques. The main part of this thesis relates to the development of a new and detailed geological mapping system that has been constructed to present geological and topographic information in a geo-databases frame in an easy-to-use way. The methodology and legend of the mapping system and geospatial databases which are suggested in this study have been successfully applied to various types of landscapes in the study area. In the development of the geological mapping system, the study area in the southeast of Libya has been mapped. In addition the suggested approach has been adapted and applied to this study to produce many predictive and creative digital maps. Keywords. Spatial database – Thematic maps – Digital features – 3D model – Radar images – Geological mapping systems – Geographic Information System.



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