S. Rustami, N. M. Saadi, K. Yonezu, and K. Watanabe, A Preliminary study on remote sensing data and geochemical analysis to characterize iron deposits in Hajigak, Afghanistan, International Symposium on Earth Science and Technology, Fukuoka, Japan, pp. 21-24, December, 2015.




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Nureddin Mohamed Saadi Saadi


Hajigak iron deposits are the largest iron ores in Afghanistan; consist of 16 zones or lenses of iron ores. Hajigak area deformed by intense folding and faulting, the main fault in the area is Hajigak-kharzar thrust fault. This study used an integrated approach to investigate the Hajigak iron deposits. Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) data were integrated with geochemical analysis data to study iron deposits in Hajigak area.