Sedimentology, Diagenesis and Reservoir Characteristics of Eocene Carbonates Sirt Basin, Libya




PhD Thesis

Thesis title

Durham University


Giuma Swei


The reservoir quality of Middle Eocene carbonates in the intracratonic Sirt Basin (at the northern margin of the African continent) is strongly influenced by depositional facies and various diagenetic modifications. This thesis investigates the petrography, sedimentology, diagenetic evolution and hydrocarbon potential of the Middle Eocene Gialo Formation in the subsurface of the north-central Sirt Basin based on data from core samples and well logs from five boreholes in the Assumood and Sahl gas-fields. Reducing risk in exploration demands an understanding of reservoir facies development, which is governed by the type and distribution of depositional facies and their diagenetic history. Seven major carbonate facies (and 20 microfacies) have been identified in this study and are interpreted as predominantly deposited under shallowmarine conditions within the photic zone, as indicated from their richness in phototrophic fauna and flora. These include lagoon (back-bank), main bank, fore-bank and open-marine facies, all of which were deposited on a homoclinal ramp type of carbonate platform.