Comparative Assessment of SepsiTest™ Platform to BactScreen™ and “inhouse” MGB-based All Bacteria Assay for Detection of Bacteraemia in Whole Blood Samples





Journal title

Libyan Journal of Veterinary and Medical Sciences


Vol. 2 No. 2


Huda H Al-Griw
Aisha M. Zaidi
Marwan M. Draid
Ahmed El Marghani


1 - 8


Abstract Several molecular techniques that are commercially described in the literature for early detection of blood stream infection in attempting to overcome the limitations of the gold standard blood culture. SepsiTest™ is aCE marked commercial platform that has been described in the literature. However, there were no studies addressing the accuracy of the test as a diagnostic platform for detection bacteraemia in whole blood samples. The study, conducted to investigate and discuss the strategy of SepsiTest™ in comparisonto our previously validated real-time PCR based assays (BactScreen™) and the previously published “in-house” minor groove binder (MGB)-based all bacteria assay. The three assays showed different sensitivity patterns for detecting bacteria in blood stream pathogens in favouring of using BactScreenTMtest. SepsiTest™ could be valuable but their lowest sensitivity in addition to their use of the unspecific SYBR Green fluoresce dye that question its diagnostic accuracy could be used as a last choice molecular diagnostic technique for detection of bacteraemia in whole blood samples. However, SepsiTest™ strategy rather, may provide useful diagnostic tool for detecting live pathogens in food technology.