Internet Usage Patterns and Traffic Analysis in Libya using Deep Packet Inspection Tools




Conference paper

Conference title

The International Libyan Conference for Information and Communications Technologies (ILCICT 2022)


Tammam Benmusa
Abdulmoaz Layas
Adam Asbali


35 - 38


Today, one cannot think of life without the Internet. The demand on the Internet has grown at a very fast pace, which has resulted in heavy Internet traffic. The Average traffic load has risen, and data traffic patterns have also become unpredictable. Therefore, network traffic monitoring and analysis for the Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) have become essential to understand the user’s usage behavior, troubleshoot and resolve problems effectively when they occur, then provide new commercial offers based on analysis outputs. All the Internet traffic from/to Libya is going through the Libyan International Telecom Company (LITC) network, which is representing the only gateway to the world through different ports. In this paper, the Libyan Internet traffic data was gathered during 2021-2022 for long period of time using a Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) tool installed on the LITC network. These data were analyzed and processed to obtain models for daily and weekly internet usage pattern for Libya. The patterns were obtained in three different periods of time to look at the effect pattern changing over the seasons. The results were compared with other patterns obtained from different works in other places.

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