MARE537 : Marine Structures

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     Grillages, plate behaviour under lateral pressure or in-plate compression, structural dynamics, composite materials. Frames and grillages are introduced to develop knowledge and skills to analyse elastic and plastic responses of stiffened plate structures. The coverage of elastic plate theory and elasto-plastic plate theory enable the students to deal with plate under lateral pressure. Initial buckling and post buckling of plates and tripping of stiffeners are included for design of plate structure subjected to in-plane compression. Flexural vibration of plates and beams are treated for design of local structures to avoid vibration. Design of structures made of composite materials is included.Elastic responses of grillages; plastic theory and its application to beams and grillages.Elastic plate theory; plate behaviour under lateral pressure. Elasto-Plastic bending of plate; elastic membrane theory; plate of rupture. Elastic buckling behaviour of plates; effective width and long plate strength; wide plate strength; interaction equation.Composite materials.Introduction to structural dynamics; flexural vibration of beams; flexural vibration of plates; design considerations and criteria for limiting vibrations.Fundamental of structural response analysis; ship frame analysis and grillage analysis; structural finite element analysis; formualtions of beam elements, plane stress elements and higher order isoparametric elements; dispalement and shape functions; equivalent nodal loads; beam-bracket compatibility and stiffener-plate compatibility; sub-structure technique; condensation technique structural vibrations