MAR620 : Applied Thermodynamics


Department of Marine Engineering

Academic Program

Master in Marine Engineering







Introduction, Boilers: steam cycle revision, boiler types, consideration in boiler design, fuel and combustion, environmental considerations. Steam turbines: revision of fundamentals, axial flow turbo machinery stages, comparison between stages, impulse stage losses and Mollies diagram, real turbine construction and control. Steam systems: Operation, condenser and de-aerator, feed- water treatment. Steam cycles: practical and theoretical considerations for Rankin cycle plant. Gas turbine engines: Cycles analysis, compressor characteristics and designs, turbines characteristics and designs, compressor/turbine matching, combustion system design, fuel and fuel system requirements, environmental considerations, practical considerations, case studies. Internal combustion engines: cycles and mathematical modeling of engine performance, thermal loading of components, gas exchange processes, exhaust gas turbo charging matching, pulse and constant pressure turbo charging and turbocharger design, fuel and combustion, combustion chamber design, fuel system design, environmental considerations.