A Significant jump in UniRank university ranking

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The University of Tripoli (UoT) advanced significantly in the UniRank 2023 world rankings at the global, Arab and African levels over the last year, as it maintained its undisputed position in the first rank in Libya.

At the world rankings level, the UoT was ranked this year (2023) at 5086th compared to the ranking of the last year (2022) at 6334th with advancement of 1248 points.

At the African level, the UoT was ranked at the 91st position. It was the only Libyan university that was present among the top 200 African universities. 

The UoT was also ranked at the 101st position among the top 200 Arab universities, with no other Libyan universities were present in the list.

It is worth mentioning that the UoT has worked to develop and support its website to reflect the carried out scientific efforts and activities.

UniRank is one of the international rankings portals for higher education that has been in place since 2005 and ranks more than 13,900 universities and colleges in 200 countries around the world. The ranking aims to obtain an approximate ranking of international universities based on their website. It is not an academic ranking and does not evaluate universities based on the quality of their educational programs or academic activities. The web-based, non-academic ranking scheme uses 4 unbiased and independent web metrics to evaluate  universities websites during a specific period of time.