Follow-up Department at Cabinet Office visits University of Tripoli

The President of the University of Tripoli - Chairman of the High Central Committee of Secondary School Examinations for the Greater Tripoli Region - Prof. Nabil Enattah, met with the Follow-up Department team at the Cabinet Office. The team was headed by Dr. Ihab Moftah Al-Fitouri, with presence of its members Dr. Ashraf Sumaida, Mr. Fateh Al Mariamy, and Mr. Muhammad Al-Ghunaimi. This visit comes to follow up on the progress of high school examinations and the mechanisms approved by the National Examination Center to determine the procedures and protocols used to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. They toured around the university units where examinations are taking place in the Faculties of Science - Chemistry - Medical technology. The collective and organized efforts were present and apparently lead to the success of such national qualification in light of the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic.