Research Ethics Committee Meets

The first meeting of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee at the University of Tripoli convened its first meeting in 2021. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Nuri Awin. Prof. Najib Al-Marzouki presented a topic on perceptions of the curricula of science ethics and bio-ethics which was conducted by a team of UNESCO experts. The presentation included the basic curriculum pillars that should be taught in the scientific, literary, legal and forensic sciences. It also offered the norms and values.

Al-Marzouki touched upon the specific educational goals and effective teaching methods. He explored the negative and positive response to the contents as this will contribute to enriching the previously prepared material and allow further development. These courses can be evaluated according to the mechanisms and systems of quality assurance in education.

This presentation was aimed at seeing international experiences in research ethics and opening discussion of the possibility of enhancing curricula at the University of Tripoli.

The meeting ended with recommendations to effectively apply the regulations of research in light of international standard research ethics.