IE 102 :


Department of Islamic Economics

Academic Program

Bachelor in Islamic economics







• Familiarity with the student's knowledge, experience, and skills related to the principles of Islamic jurisprudence.• The student's application of the knowledge and experiences of the fundamentals of jurisprudence.• Encouraging the student to study the fundamentals of jurisprudence.• Providing students with appropriate methods and methods for teaching the principles of jurisprudence.

Intended learning outcomes

1. That the student knows the principles of jurisprudence linguistically and idiomatically.2. That the student explains the sections of the mandatory ruling.3. The student should know the origins of the principles of jurisprudence.4. The student should mention the types of Islamic ruling.5. That the student accepts the study of the principles of Islamic jurisprudence.6. That the student appreciates the importance of the fundamentals of jurisprudence in the importance of deriving legal rulings.7. The student should be able to deal with legal texts and know what they mean.8. That the student benefits from how to infer evidence and answer the responses received in order to understand them.

Teaching and learning methods

• lecture.• The method of discussion and dialogue.

Methods of assessments

Midterm exam. 40%• final exam. 60%