IE200 : Holy Quran(2)


Department of Islamic Economics

Academic Program

Bachelor in Islamic economics







Course objectives• The student's familiarity with the origin of the legal assets of the Holy Quran.• Applying the correct pronunciation of the Holy Quran.• Encouraging the student to memorize parts of the dear book.• Providing students with appropriate methods and methods for teaching the course.Course contentReading and memorizing the three parts: from Surat Al-Shura to Surat Al-Hadid

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge & Understanding1- The student should memorize the last three parts of the Holy Quran2- That the student learns the correct pronunciation when reading the Holy Quran.3- To master the basic rules of recitation of the Noble Qur’an4- To familiarize the student with the Qur’anic drawing.Mental skills1- He should memorize the prescribed parts to help him learn the religion.2- To arrange its memorization according to the required decision.3- The student should improve his handwriting in writing the Qur’anic drawing4- The student should suggest a plan for teaching, listening, and receiving the course.Practical & professional skills1- The student applies the steps of memorizing the Qur’an in each lecture2- The student should divide the course into eighths, fourths, and chapters.3- The student should be able to memorize parts of the Holy Quran4- That the student presents issues of intonation, writing, drawing, and waqf.Generic and transferable skills1- That the student agrees to memorize the course from the Holy Qur’an2- That the student appreciates the importance of the Qur’an, the words of the Lord of the Worlds3- The student should be able to deal with legal texts and know what they mean.4- That the student learns how to read the Qur’an exactly and in intonation.

Teaching and learning methods

This course is offered to the student through:IndoctrinationThe students read from the Qur'an (sama') and corrected the melody.

Methods of assessments

The evaluation process is based on the following:40% midterm exam60% final exam