IE 206 : Macro-analytical economics


Department of Islamic Economics

Academic Program

Bachelor in Islamic economics







1. Studying macroeconomic phenomena by studying methods of calculating national income.2. Analysis of the general balance and macroeconomic policies.3. Providing the student with the necessary concepts and analytical tools at the macroeconomic level.

Intended learning outcomes

A- Knowledge and understanding:That the student remembers the necessary concepts and terminology in the course. -1 The student describes classical and modern theories. -2That the student draws financial and monetary policies. -3B- Scientific and professional skills:1- The student collects data and information from field studies.2- The student should use the information obtained in dealing with economic issues.That the student designed and analyze economic tables. -3

Teaching and learning methods

1. Be guided by electronic lectures.2. Papers, research papers and panel discussions.3. Homework.

Methods of assessments

midterm exam 40% Final exam 60%.