IE 210 : Islamic economics


Department of Islamic Economics

Academic Program

Bachelor in Islamic economics







The course aims to provide the student with the basic concepts and principles of Islamic economics, especially in the field of ownership and distribution.

Intended learning outcomes

A- Knowledge and understanding:That the student knows the basic principles and concepts of Islamic economics-12- That the student knows the foundations of the Islamic economic system.3- The student should know the comparison between the Islamic economy and the traditional economyScientific and professional skills:1- Enhancing the student's ability to use what he studied in professional applications2- The ability to understand and research Islamic economics books and extract information from their sources3- The ability to write research on Islamic economics

Teaching and learning methods

1. The course is presented by way of explanation through giving lectures.2. Panel discussions through which issues are analyzed and explained mathematically and graphically

Methods of assessments

Midterm exam 40%, final exam 60%.