IE 213 :


Department of Islamic Economics

Academic Program

Bachelor in Islamic economics







1- Defining the basic concepts of commercial law.2- Clarifying the methods and conditions necessary to acquire the status of a merchant.3- Introducing the student to the types, divisions, and provisions of companies and the difference between them.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge and understanding:To familiarize the student with the general concepts of the provisions of commercial law.To explain to the student how to acquire applied skills in commercial law.That the student enumerate the effects of the provisions of the commercial law on the work environment.Practical and professional skills:The ability to differentiate between commercial law and other laws.The ability to distinguish between the types of companies and the difference between them and to issue judgments.The ability to issue provisions of commercial law.

Teaching and learning methods

LecturesPanel discussions and participation

Methods of assessments

midterm exam 40%final exam 60%