IE 406 : Project evaluation and feasibility study


Department of Islamic Economics

Academic Program

Bachelor in Islamic economics







The course aims to provide the student with analytical frameworks and tools that can be used in studying the feasibility of establishing projects and evaluating the results of their work to judge the feasibility of projects or not.

Intended learning outcomes

A- Knowledge and understanding:That the student know the subject of income to economic feasibility studiesThat the student knows the use of analytical frameworks in the feasibility study of establishing projects.To understand the judgment on the feasibility of projects or not.B- Scientific and professional skills:Enhancing the student's ability to use what he studied in professional applications.The ability to understand and research project evaluation books and extract useful information from them.The ability to evaluate projects and feasibility studies

Teaching and learning methods

1. Be guided by lectures.2. Papers, research papers and panel discussions.3. Homework.