MARE506 : Piping and Fitting


Department of Marine Engineering

Academic Program

Bachelor in Marine machinery and engines








Introduction to piping system, components of piping system: pipes, pumps, vessels, piping fittings, flanges, gaskets, bolting, valves. Pipe sizing calculations, flow control, head & overall losses. Design of piping system, loading conditions (static & dynamic), pipe stress analysis, pressure drop in pipes, charts of design of pipes. Types of piping systems, open pipe system, closed pipe system, series piping, parallel piping. Standards and codes for piping engineering and design. Material and mechanical properties of piping materials. Design optimization, piping system layouts, drawing techniques for piping. Pipe joining, welding of pipes. Inspection and testing. Failure modes, fatigue and fracture analysis for pipes.

Intended learning outcomes

1. Provide concepts of piping design principles.2. Analyze and compute stresses in the piping system.3. Carry out calculations for sizing of the system.4. Apply piping design codes and criteria to design piping systems.5. Provide fundamentals of conducting plant layout.6. Design efficient piping systems.7. Investigate failure modes and apply failure criteria.