ITIS324 : Multimedia Systems


Department of Information Systems

Academic Program

Bachelor in Information Systems








The course is a basic grounding in issue surrounding multimedia design and multimedia data. It enhances the student’s view about graphics and images. The course will cover the following: digital audio, graphics, still images and videos, animation. Also it includes data compression and transmission of media, as well as software tools used for integrating digital media.

Intended learning outcomes

Knowledge &understand

  • Student learns the basics and history of multimedia
  • Student enumerates the main tools, components and elements of multimedia
  • Student enumerates and explain file compression techniques
  • Student explains the methods of media storage
  • Student enumerates and explain the different media elements

mental skills

  • Student compares different media file formats
  • Student suggests a way to combine media elements
  • Student compares the types of cartoons (animated / still)
  • Student be able to convert between different types of files

Practical & professional skills

  • Student uses software and tools to create and display multimedia
  • Student should design (image / video / visual presentation) that combines various media elements
  • Student uses various techniques to compress media files
  • Student uses media tools on the internet

General and transferable skills

  • Editorial communication and report writing
  • Team work
  • Commitment to performing exams and handing in assignments on time

Teaching and learning methods

  • Lectures
  • Mini-projects
  • Research papers

Methods of assessments

  • Midterm exam = 30
  • Final exam = 50
  • Scientific activities (eg writing a report or giving a presentation) = 20

Course contents

  • Introduction to multimedia (definition/concept/historical development/components)
  • Multimedia tools/components/elements
  • Multimedia elements
  • Text
  • Still images
  • Fixed fees
  • Animation
  • The sound
  • Graphics
  • The video
  • Media technology potential
  • Storage methods
  • File compression technologies
  • Media application development

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